September 7-9 , 2018 in Penticton, B.C. Canada

2018 Line-Up - We think this may be the BEST one yet!
  1.              Dave Bennett &                     The Memphis Speed Kings
    Dave Bennett & The Memphis Speed Kings
    The Memphis Boys play the vintage Rockabilly and Rock 'n' Roll music of Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Chuck Berry and others. The band was formed in 2009, when jazz clarinetist Dave Bennett and drummer Hal Smith discovered a mutual admiration for the music of "The Killer" -- Jerry Lee Lewis. In addition to his talent as a clarinet virtuoso, Dave is also an ace "pumpin' piano man" in the Jerry Lee tradition. Hal has played with many of the best traditional jazz and swing bands in the U.S., but also enjoys playing old school Rockabilly style drums. Look for a room full of happy Rockabilly fans and a dance floor with a "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" and you have found the Memphis Speed Kings!
  2. Tom Rigney & Flambeau
    Tom Rigney & Flambeau
    Flambeau specializes in fiery Cajun and Zydeco two-steps, low-down blues, funky New Orleans grooves, and heartbreakingly beautiful ballads and waltzes. Most of the repertoire is composed by Rigney, but they also mix in a few classics from the Cajun/Zydeco/New Orleans songbook. And if, along the way, you pick up a trace of Rigney's Irish roots or a little Swing and roots Rock and Roll, it just makes the musical gumbo that much tastier.
  3. Bob Draga with Friends
    Bob Draga with Friends
    We welcome back Bob Draga's soaring melodies, inspired improvisations and rich tones. In performance, he and 'his friends' cover music, ranging from ragtime to stride, ballads to bounces, and a surprise or two thrown in! Experience the delightful work and simpatico of a quartet featuring gifted, emotional players with a touch of stand up comedy?
  4. Dave Bennett Quartet
    Dave Bennett Quartet
    A multi-instrument phenomenon, Dave Bennett is a clarinet virtuoso who plays electric guitar, piano, and drums, AND vocalizes. Dave is a blazing clarinet sensation playing the “swing style” of Benny Goodman. Leading His Tribute to Benny Goodman, Dave has been a featured soloist at Carnegie Hall with The New York Pops. Following his success at the 2016 and 2017+ Pentastic Jazz Festival and numerous requests to have Dave back to the festival, we have him here with both of his bands.
  5. Lance Buller
    Lance Buller
    GUEST ARTIST - A regular at the Pentastic Jazz Festival. In college he started playing with the top rock, jazz and Latin groups in LA. He joined the AFM at the age of 20 (just a few years ago!!!) and almost immediately hit Vegas working the Dunes and Aladdin Casinos. He worked with Little Anthony, Bob Marley and at 24 began a long association with The Beach Boys which included 5 albums and tours to Europe, Australia and of course the U.S. His recording career, which began in 1974, includes 24 albums, including 5 with his own band The Monarchs. "There's nothing like being on stage with a hot band behind you and a great crowd to entertain. That is why I'm here!"
  6. Cocuzzi Coots Courtet
    Cocuzzi Coots Courtet
    John and Kristy Cocuzzi have taken the classic jazz world by storm. John is a master of vibes, piano, and drums, while Kristy has a passionate sultry voice, and plays fabulous clarinet and sax. They bring lyrics to life through dynamic vocal interpretations of songs from the great composers of the 1930’s and 40’s. Jazz from New York, down to New Orleans, and back up the river to Chicago, taking audiences on fantastic musical journeys each set. Featured with the band are Danny Coots, an international festival favorite. Danny brings his humor and his great ability on the drums to make this music come alive. Featured on bass is Steve Pikal. Steve is without a doubt the world’s happiest musician! Be ready for outstanding music, fun and energy!
  7. Bria Skonberg and Her New York All Stars
    Bria Skonberg and Her New York All Stars
    NYC Trumpet Player, Singer, Songwriter, Instigator. 2017 JUNO winner Vocal Jazz Album of the Year "Ms. Skonberg has become the shining hope of hot jazz, on the strength of a clarion trumpet style indebted to Louis Armstrong, a smooth purr of a singing voice inspired by Anita O'Day and the wholesome glow of youth" Nate Chinen, NY Times Originally from the small town of Chilliwack, British Columbia, Bria studied jazz and performance at Capilano University in Vancouver while balancing a full road schedule with two bands. After graduating, she traveled extensively, performing in China and Japan and throughout Europe. When she wasn’t traveling, Bria was honing her chops with Dal Richards, Vancouver’s King of Swing.
  8. Grand Dominion Jazz Band
    Grand Dominion Jazz Band
    The Grand Dominion Jazz Band came together in 1982 as the musical vision of Vancouver banjoist Mike Cox , immigrant to Canada from Wales, who was steeped in the music of the New Orleans revivalist musicians such as George Lewis, Bunk Johnson, Kid Ory, Baby Dodds and others. Mike and his expatriate friends in Vancouver had grown up in the UK listening to Ken Colyer, Chris Barber , Humphrey Lyttelton, and others on the trad jazz scene. Mike decided to put a band of like-minded players together from both sides of the Canada - US border, a band that embodied all the rough-and-ready, hard-driving, ensemble playing characteristics of the revivalist bands. For two weekend concerts, July 16 - 17th, 1982, Mike assembled members of three Pacific Northwestern bands to play two concert dances at the Hot Jazz Club in Vancouver.
  9. Black Swan Classic Jazz Band
    Black Swan Classic Jazz Band
    Established in early 1989 as a hot dance band dedicated to the preservation and performance of Dixieland, old-time gospel, early jazz and ragtime music. They have performed at numerous festivals and community events in Oregon, Montana, Arizona, Washington, Missouri, Iowa, California and British Columbia. Black Swan is a versatile group with the ability to tastefully and softly caress an intimate room, fire up a large hall and keep the dancers cutting a rug. Black Swan delights in entertaining as well as educating its audiences with authentic renditions of the music of noteworthy early jazz figures such as Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong, King Oliver, Duke Ellington, Fletcher Henderson, Hoagy Carmichael, Fats Waller, Turk Murphy, Eubie Blake, Scott Joplin and others. You will hear a strong mix of music performed by few other bands, originals by members of Black Swan and many popular favorites you know and love.
  10. Cornet Chop Suey
    Cornet Chop Suey
    The band's unique front line is driven by a powerful rhythm section. Best known for a wide variety of styles, Cornet Chop Suey applies its own exciting twists to traditional jazz, swing, blues, and "big production" numbers. Every performance by Cornet Chop Suey is a high-energy presentation and is a memorable experience for the audience. Chop Suey applies its own exciting style to traditional jazz, swing, blues and "big production" numbers. Every performance by Cornet Chop Suey is a high-energy presentation and is always a memorable experience for the audience.
  11. Tom Hook & The Terrier Brothers
    Tom Hook & The Terrier Brothers
    In 1987 Tom Hook and Eddie Metz were founding members of the Black Dog Jazz Band, an association that led over the years to appearances at most of the major Traditional Jazz festivals in the US, as well as multiple tours of Europe a 1989 tour of Communist China, and cruises all around the globe. Bobby Durham joined the group in 1990. During that time they formed a splinter group, The Terrier Brothers, that has performed with dozens of pop music legends from the 50's and 60's as well as appeared at some Traditional Jazz festivals. The Terriers are glad to announce the addition of a fourth long' lost "brother", the fabulous Pat Gullotta for the 2018 season. Pat is also a former Black Dog and is one of the premier jazz and rock trombonists in the world today. Performing danceable music in all genres, this is an act you will not want to miss!